Protection for Whistle Blowers

The protection afforded to whistle blowers in the medical profession has been very much in the spotlight recently, after a junior doctor was given permission by the Court of Appeal to proceed with a whistleblowing claim against Health Education England (HEE). Public Interest Disclosures Workers who make a disclosure in the public interest, or ‘blow the whistle’ are protected in certain circumstances under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. The Act provides this protection so that workers feel able to speak out if they are aware of malpractice taking place within an organisation. To quality for protection under the legislation, a disclosure must relate to one of the following: a criminal offence someone’s health and safety is in danger risk or actual damage to the environment a miscarriage of justice the company is breaking the law a belief that someone is covering up wrongdoing Concern over Staffing Levels The case in question involved Dr Chris Day, who became concerned ab

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