Browsing Property Websites is a Popular Pastime

As many as 63% of people in Britain admit to ‘window shopping’ online for homes that they have no intention of purchasing, according to a new study by Direct Line. A further 2.6 million self-confessed ‘property addicts’ say they browse online property sites at least once a day to keep a check on prices, design trends and daydream about their future home. Window shopping is only the beginning however, as 38%, equal to more than 19 million people, admit to using an online property site in the last year to check the price of someone else’s home. Neighbour’s homes were the most commonly cited (52% of property snoopers) followed by family members (38%), close friends (31%) and colleagues (21%). Potential new partners (10%) and ex-lovers (9%) were also amongst the most popular. The motivations for keeping such a close eye on property websites apparently range from nosiness to fantasy. Around 60% of those who browse do so to keep a check on local property prices, whilst 40% are s

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