GMB Union seeks Employee status for Uber taxi drivers

In a recent publication GMB, the union of professional drivers, is seeking legal action on behalf of its members against the taxi service provider Uber. The union aims to secure the drivers’ rights to be paid the national minimum wage, entitlement to holiday pay, health and safety safeguards and redress for failures regarding discipline and grievance procedures. The union will seek a declaration that the Uber drivers are ‘employees’ and as a result, they should be accorded rights due to employees under employment law. The rebuttal advanced by Uber is that the drivers are “partners” who work in a self-employed capacity and consequently not afforded the same rights conferred on employees. Legal definition An employee is defined by legislation under S.230 Employment Rights Act 1996 as “an individual who has entered into or works under a contract of employment”. In practice however, there is no single determining factor that clearly labels one’s employment status. The Cour

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