New Landmark Case Redefines Employment Definition

The Court of European Justice has ruled in a landmark case that time spent travelling to and from first and last jobs by workers who do not have a fixed office should be regarded as work. The ruling comes following a case from involving a Spanish company Tyco, who install and maintain security equipment in homes and commercial premises. The workers for the company often had to drive three hours to get to locations with Tyco counting said period as “rest”. New Ruling: Who is Affected? Employees who could be defined (or perhaps are in their contracts) as mobile workers could be affected by the ruling. Freelancers, traders and care workers are all affected by the ruling applying to those with no permanent office or usual place of work. Although the ruling does not affect those who have to commute long distances to an office, it is believed that the ruling could affect close to 1 million. How are Employers Affected? Due to the ruling coming from an EU court, the rule will affect UK em

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