Are DIY Wills Affecting Charities?

As mentioned in our blog last week charitable donations are at an all-time high in terms of donations through wills. However, with more and more people looking to leave money to charities and non-profit organisations through wills, is there a risk that DIY wills may restrict charities from obtaining capital? DIY Wills: The Dangers While there is no doubt that legacy giving is at an all-time high due to a number of campaigns, DIY wills are also growing in terms of popularity. Due to the low cost of setting up a DIY will and the simplified nature of such a document, many are opting not to go through a solicitor and leave their estate through a DIY will or a cheap will-writing service. However, DIY wills may seem cheap in the short term, but they can prove exceptionally expensive for your family and those you leave behind in the long term. They may be effective in managing simple circumstances. However, they are grossly ineffective for complex circumstances such as multiple properties or

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