The Dangers of DIY Wills

Recent media reports have been filled with numerous examples of botched wills and the dangers that can come from trying to create a will at the cheapest rate. While one of our recent blogs focussed on challenging wills, too often there are unreported cases of people unable to leave their inheritance or have proper access to an inheritance due to a DIY will or a botched will from a will-writing service. DIY Wills DIY wills are attractive to many because of one major aspect. Cost. DIY will kits can be purchased online and on the high street for less than £20. However, there is a reason that said wills are so cheap. DIY wills fail to take into account complexed of difficult circumstances and often do not include an executor of the will meaning that it can be difficult to ensure those you wish to inherit your estate do. Figures from the Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) suggest that poorly drafted or ineffective DIY wills are to blame for a prolonged probate ordeal for 38,000 families a

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